Future Perfect, Singapore
15 March –  28 April 2013
Opening reception Friday, 15 March,  6:30 – 9:00 pm

Future Perfect is proud to present the first exhibition in Singapore of the indigenous Australian artist community, Yinjaa-Barni. The exhibition will feature a diverse selection of paintings by Maudie Jerrold, Aileen Sandy and Clifton Mack. Yinjaa-Barni is a community belonging to the Yindjibarndi language group, whose ancestral homelands are located in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. For these artists, communal creation is integral to the artistic process – in the Yindjabarndi language, the community’s name means ‘staying together’.


In recent years, Yinjaa-Barni artists have developed a rich body of work that is testament to their unique culture, their surrounding landscape and their ‘Dreaming’ or ancestral cosmogony. While unmistakably grounded in their sparse and timeless local environment, the artists’ candid and intense palettes reflect a vivid engagement with modern materials and the contemporary world. Each of the artists has developed a personal style and a distinctive visual language.

Maudie Jerrold (b. 1950) was raised in the coastal town of Roebourne. She is a Yindjibarndi elder, regarded as one of the pillars of Pilbara Aboriginal art, and is a founding member of one of the region’s most recognized artist groups, Bujee Nhoorr Pu. A master colourist, Jerrold is renowned for her unique ability to capture the fleeting effects of nature, such as rainbows. Her pictorial language is inspired by inherited myths and rooted in the symbolism of native flowers, their medicinal qualities and ritual uses, translating the complex relationship between the community and its environment. In 2006 she was part of the international exhibition ‘Antica Terra Pulsante’ in Florence, Italy and in 2009 she was honoured with the Cossack Art Award for Best Artwork by a West Australian Aboriginal Artist.

Aileen Sandy (b. 1951) is from the Yindjibarndi community and started painting in 2007. In her work, the spiritual and ceremonial language of her people is beautifully encrypted in borderless patterns and ethereal surfaces. Her paintings draw on the intangible and metaphysical forces that animate the desert. A stylistic pathfinder, Sandy has ventured boldly beyond traditional ‘dot painting’ to incorporate modern techniques and forge a unique, contemporary vision. In 2010, she received the Cossack Art Award for Best North West Landscape.

Clifton Mack (b. 1952) is an elder of the Yindjibarndi people and began his artistic career in 2001. His grandfather was the revered Yindjibarndi Rainmaker, Long Mack, the community’s guardian of knowledge about water. This heritage has been integral to the artist’s practice, which revolves around bodies of water such as the vast ocean, where everything begins and ends.

Mack has developed a distinctively literal approach to country, departing from the traditional ‘aerial’ view to explore horizontal perspectives. His richly textured surfaces resound with elemental energy and an uncanny sense of depth.

A keynote of Mack’s work is the Jarman Island Lighthouse (near Cossack), one of the Pilbara region’s most significant historic landmarks. This defunct structure becomes a muse for the artist’s chromatic experiments, each bringing out elements that weren’t visible before. In 2006 he participated in the international exhibition ‘Antica Terra Pulsante’ in Florence. Mack has received numerous awards including the prestigious RBS Emerging Artist Award (2011), and has twice taken out the grand prize at the Cossack Art Awards (2003 and 2007).

As the group’s first dedicated exhibition outside Australia, Yinjaa-Barni will celebrate the extraordinary creativity of this community, their singular vision, and the universal appeal of their art. The exhibition will give Singapore audiences a first glimpse of the inimitable spirit of the Pilbara region and its indigenous culture, where ancient stories are preserved and refreshed amidst the transformations of the present.

Yinjaa-Barni will be launched at Future Perfect on March 15th in the presence of His Excellency the Australian High Commissioner to Singapore, Mr. Phillip Green and the artists, Maudie Jerrold, Aileen Sandy and Clifton Mack.